Sustainability at Brimacombe

Research consumes more resources and produces more waste than offices and homes. UBC’s sustainable initiative in laboratories provides many resources summarized here.



UBC Sustainability

Green Labs Program

Sustainable practices in business




1. UBC Sustainability

UBC is the first Canadian university to adopt a policy (#5) in 1997, and open an office dedicated to sustainability in 1998.  Find the resources available at UBC Sustainability for community, events, funds, and register for the newsletter.

2. Green Labs Program

With over 400 labs, UBC’s research activities require a significant amount of energy, water and materials. The Green Labs Program offers staff, faculty, and students sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of research at UBC. Labs consume 40$ of UBC’s building’s space, 50% of UBC’s energy and generate 96% of UBC’s hazardous waste.

Find specific resources on the

  • becoming a sustainability coordinator
  • participate in events
    • catered events
    • campaigns
    • competitions
  • financial support
  • checklist
  • toolkits
  • register to a more specific newsletter.

The toolkits provide resources to:

3. Sustainable practices in business

Use these resources:

4. Committee

Membership in the committee is voluntary. Each member volunteers different levels of dedication from passive to proactive. Please direct your questions to Delphine Rey at

Name Status
Hannah Land Coordinator
John Madden AMPEL Director
Andrea Damascelli QMI Director
Gary Lockhart Building Manager
Marita Rodriguez Post Doctorate
Shreyas Pantakar Post Doctorate
David Dvorak Research technician
Nik Hartman Post Doctorate
Joshua Folk Professor in Physics
Delphine Rey Master & Sustainability Coordinator
Ryan Yang Master
Jorge Lozano Master
Ezequiel Hernandez PhD

5. Tasks

The table below lists the committee’s tasks.

Tasks Completed
Form committee Fri 2nd Nov 2018
Establish issues and improvements Tue 6th Nov 2018
Share resources Wed 7th Nov 2018
Advertise recycling plastics, batteries, Styrofoam
Recycle cardboard that don’t fit in recycling bin
Provide recycling pens
Evaluation by Green Labs
Orientation to sustainability with safety
Optimize the use of vacuum pumps
Challenge Sort it out
Complete checklist
Post on website