Building Access / Safety


Welcome to AMPEL!
AMPEL Access and Safety form links are below

There are several steps to take in order to access to the building and your lab. Safety is our first priority.

  1. We recommend wearing a mask  and maintaining a minimum 2 m separation between yourself and others.
  2. Take the Laboratory chemical safety course and the COVID-19 prevention course.
  1. Read the building emergency response and fire safety plans:
  • The building safety plan is also found on that page.
  • There is also an intake form to apply for access, that needs to be signed by the lab supervisor. To complete this form you will need to have a laboratory safety orientation that is specific to your lab. Once approved, you will have card access to enter the building.
  1. The lab will need copies of your Brimacombe access form, and the certificates you receive on completion of the two courses. These are kept so they are accessible from within the lab.
  2. Your supervisor will need to add you to their lab safety plan, along with your contact information. They will send the updated plan to John Madden, Gary Lockhart and Sebastian Medrano.
  3. You will then receive a blue fob, to be used to check in and out of the building. This blue fob sign in/out and your daily self-assessment (described below) ensure we are below occupancy limits. They also help with COVID tracing and are required when we are audited by WorkSafe BC.

  1. Before coming in each day, complete the self-assessment using survey at, or the QR code.

Only come in to the lab to perform activities that cannot be performed elsewhere. Otherwise, all work should be done off-campus.






8. Please contact the supervisor of the Labs spaces you are working in to confirm any safety and training requirements, as well as work-alone procedures.


As a final reminder: Sanitize hands when entering the building, and the lab. Face masks are recommended inside the building. Sanitize all areas and tools before and after you use them and complete the lab sanitization checklist.

Thank you! We look forward to working with you.

Forms and documents: