High Head Laboratory


AMPEL’s High Head Lab is a unique research space within a university setting. With a floor area measuring 1500 m2, of which more than half provides a clear height of over 8.0 m, alongside an adjoining standard head laboratory, our high headroom facility enables pilot-scale operations of large equipment and processes of an industrially relevant size. The facility features 2 MW of installed power, a scrubbed exhaust system and a 5 tonne gantry crane. The space is intended to house primarily metallurgical processing facilities for melting, casting, roasting, coating and cooling. Some major pieces of equipment located in this lab include:

  • 140 t Hot Press
  • 3.6 m3 Autoclave
  • 20 m3 Walk-In Oven
  • Bi-Axial Braiding Machines
  • Fluidized Bed Reactors
  • 20 m long Runout Cooling Table
  • Induction, Plasma Arc, and Electron Beam melting facilities for Superalloys and Titanium Alloys