A multidisciplinary research center strategically designed to bring together world-leading basic and applied research groups.  (Paul H. Joseph Photo)

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AMPEL is a vibrant place for research in Advanced Materials and Process Engineering, with cutting edge research that coalesces from the theoretical nanofibre physical properties to the production of advanced composites.

AMPEL is a result of a vision by the late Professor J.K. Brimacombe, who dreamed over two decades ago of building a facility to house and facilitate multidisciplinary materials engineering research. Professor Brimacombe envisioned and articulated the need for a center at UBC wherein cutting edge multidisciplinary research can be conducted on, in his words ‘processing that cuts across the entire spectrum of metals and materials‘ and ‘tools of process engineering that will be applied uniformly for process knowledge, optimization and control.’ Today, Professor Brimacombe’s vision has been realized in both depth and breadth, and continues to evolve.

With over 30 active faculty members, 15 research and technical staff members and over 200 post-docs and graduate students plus numerous undergraduate students, AMPEL is the engine that generates numerous theses, proposals and scientific publications that have brought national and international recognition to UBC. AMPEL faculty, researchers and students involves a diverse range of fields that include:

This milieu provides both faculty and students with a rich interdisciplinary environment that generates unprecedented innovation when it comes to the synergy of research and innovation.

We look forward to working with UBC’s research community to establish a sustainable infrastructure that will enable AMPEL to remain at the vanguard of innovation and to continue in its creation of new ground-breaking opportunities for UBC, Canada and the world.