AMPEL’s Takahata, Tang, and Walus promoted to Full Professor

Congratulations to AMPEL Faculty members: Konrad Walus, Shuo Tang & Kenichi Takahata promoted to Full Professor.

All three have made significant contributions in their respective fields.

  • Konrad has been focusing in the area of nanotechnology and microsystems, specifically including quantum-dot cellular automata, lab-on-a-printer technology and 3D bioprinting, and nano-structured materials, andmicro-sensors.
  • Ken has also been working in the area of microsystems,and has made important contributions in the area of microplasma-based machining, carbon nanotube patterning, and ferrofluid MEMS.
  • Shuo has been working in the area of biophotonics, biomedical optics, and optical tissue imaging, and has developed techniques for combining multiphoton microscopy and optical coherence tomography as well as combining multiphoton microscopy and endoscopy.

Congratulations Konrad, Shuo, and Ken!

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