Oral Presentations


Time Project Presenter
10:35am Towards a strongly-coupled emitter-metal hybrid CQED platform…  Jonathan Massey-Allard
10:40am Deformability based seperation of circulating tumor cells Emily Park and Chao Jin
10:45am Development of Novel Sensors Chuan He
10:50am Experiments and modeling of Si-Ge interdiffusion… Feiyang Cai
10:55am Molecularly resolved energy level alignment… Katherine Cochrane
11:00am Shape Memory Nanofibers Risa Wang
11:05am Laser Induced Structural Damage to Multi-walled Carbon Amir H. Khoshaman and Mike Chang
11:10am Conducting polymer/Hydrogel based microactuator… Meisam Farajollahi
11:15am Photosynthetic protein based solar cells Ashwin Usgaocar
11:20am Knowledge in Practice Janna Fabris
11:25am Superconductivity in graphene Bart Ludbrook
11:30am Evaluation of microstructure parameters in metals Thomas Garcin
11:35am Atomistic processes at defects and interfaces in metal alloys Tegar Wicaksono
11:40am Piezoelectic Hybrid Paper Suresha K. Mahadeva
11:45am Intelligent forceps using highly twisted nylon actuator Soheil Kianzad
3:00pm Computational Materials Design from Atoms to Applications Matthias Militzer and Joerg Rottler
3:45pm Quantum Materials to Quantum Devices Andreas Damascelli, Alireza Nojeh, George Sawatzky